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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  April 11, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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the u.s. breaking records as it races to vaccinate americans against the virus. we're seeing a surge in michigan despite the fact that we have some of the strongest policies in place. we are seeing a surge because of these variants. >> the speech add a republican national committee retreat at ma mar-a-lago, and trump called mitch mcconnell a dumb son of a bitch, end quote. i am pamela brown in washington. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around add the
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world on this sunday. you are live in the cnn "newsroom." the u.s. set a record of vaccine doses. as vaccinations and optimism rise, a surge of cases in michigan is serving as a stark reminder the epidemic is still an urgent crisis. governor gretchen whitmer has taken residents to take a two-week pause on indoor dining and gatherings and stopping short of a mandate, and she begged the biden administration to send more vaccines. >> michigan was the first to heed the biden administration's call to drop the priority groups and make it accessible for everybody, and we have thousands of partners who are ready to put shots in arms, we just need those vaccines to come into
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michigan. >> the white house has decided not to send more doses to the state, and instead as i reported last night they will be sending 160 fema vaccinators. the white house is preparing for a busy week ahead pitching president biden's infrastructure bill. with congress back in session tomorrow biden will waste no time to discuss the major package. white house principal deputy press secretary careen john pierre joins me now. nice to see you. thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> let's begin with the coronavirus, and governor whitmer and the lieutenant governor asked the white house to send vaccines to that state to tamp down on the surge there. why isn't the white house doing this? >> as you know and all of us
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know, the virus, the pandemic has hit every state very hard and the country as a whole very hard, tens of thousands of people are sick and people are dieing and we have lost more than half a million -- pardon me, more than 500,000 americans in this country alone. so you know, we have to make sure that we're doing this in an equitable way, in a fair way and the way that we have been doing this is by adult population. that is the process that we're taking as we know this is a unpredictable virus, and we still have tends of millions of people to go to get vaccinated. you mentioned the 4.6 million doses we did yesterday which was a historic number, and 62 million people have been fully vaccinated, and there's a path forward here. the president last week announced 150 million doses have been done, but we still have a long way to go and we have to
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stay vigilant and we call this a war-time approach and war-time moment we're in, and we have to make sure that we are all doing what we need to do, which is wear a mask and wash our hands and socially distant, and the president talked about the first 100 days, make sure we are wearing a mask, and get vaccinated when it's your turn, and the president mentioned all adults will be eligible who are 18 and over for a vaccine. we have to stay the course on this one and we want to make sure we are doing it equitably and fair. >> i understand what you are saying and the vaccination numbers are across the board, and the reality is there are states that are doing better right now, they are doing well when it comes to the vaccination rate and cases, and like new mexico and vermont, and this
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variant in michigan continues to fester and mutate, and the concern is it could turn into something worse and so why not take vaccines from the states that are doing better, like what i just mentioned to help squash what is going on in michigan and the upper midwest so that new variants don't arise from what is going on? >> we have been in conversation with the governor and her team as we know we have a close relationship there, and so we have -- we have offered other ways to be helpful and as i said, i can't stress this enough, we have to do this in a fair and equitable way, we are in the middle of this process, and we are still in the middle of it and we have a lot more people to vaccinate, and we are offering personnel help. you mentioned the federal help that we are bringing down to michigan to help with -- to be vaccinators, and we are helping with testing as well and
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therapeutic wings in the state, and we are continuing to have that conversation and we are in close contact, and also, pamela, states do these things differently as well, they have eligible ways that they are -- factors they are doing in their own state, so one of the things we have done differently than what we have done previously, we are in conversation s with governors and local effectives, and we are trying to have the conversations the best way we can, and this virus is unpredictable and we have to continue to push forward and making sure that we are getting as many people as possible vaccinated. >> so the former fda commissioner who has been advising governor whitmer said the biden administration should have been surging vaccines
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earlier, and he said this. let's listen. >> it's a hunger game for vaccines among states, and if you look at the planning for past pandemics, the flu panning we have done in the past, and even planning for bioterrorism, and they never perceived there could be a con flewant epidemic, and that's what we are probably going to see going forward is hot spots, so we need to get in the habit of trying to resource into those hot spots -- >> what do you say to critics that say this is similar to trump's let the states figure it out approach to resources, which we know largely failed? >> this is not the states figure it out at all. we have been working very closely with governors and state and local officials and that's what we have been doing on day one as we put forth a comprehensive strategy on how to
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get our vaccination program out there across the country. look, another statistic that i mentioned is 75% of people who are 65 and older have been -- have gotten doses, have gotten shots. that's an 8% jump from when we started and that's so critical because as we know, when we talk about covid deaths, 80% of those covid deaths have been 65 and older so we are doing the work that we need to be doing, and we are continuing to talk with governors. we understand what is at stake here. this is a life and death situation. that's what we continue to ask people to do, their part, and get vaccinated when it's your turn and by april 19th all adults over the age of 18 will be eligible, but we are talking to governors every day and being as helpful as we can. as i mentioned, there are other ways of support that we also have been out there when it comes to vaccination sites and
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vaccinators and data analysts as well, and we are going to continue to do that and have those conversations and be helpful like we have the past several months that we have been in office. >> well, tomorrow, as you all know it will be a very busy day, president biden is meeting with lawmakers from both parties to talk infrastructure. can you tell us who will be at that meeting? >> i don't have a list to share with you right at this moment but we will soon. we are working through that right now. here's the thing, what the president wants to do, he put forth the american jobs plan and the idea here is that we want to build back better, we can't go the way we were before. if you think about the pandemic that we are currently in, we can't be in the same place even before the pandemic so we have to invest in this country and we have to invest in the american people and we have to invest in our children, do something that is once in a generation that we see in this country and the time
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is now to do this. so that is what he did, he put forth his plan. there's a second component of the plan that he's going to also talk about the american families plan in a couple of weeks. here's the thing, he's going to have a conversation with both democrats and republicans. he's open to a debate, he's open to hearing their plans and that's what we're going to see this week. their ideas as well. that's what the president is looking to accomplish this week now that they are back in session, so we want to move forward on doing the work of the american people. >> i know you said that you are waiting to get the final list, but can you tell if joe manchin, senator manchin has been invited to the white house for tomorrow's meeting? >> i can't confirm or say more about who is going -- who's going to be there. >> on friday it was unclear as well. >> just to let you know, pamela, we are working closely with his office, and this is, you know, this is a relationship with
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senator manchin is important to us, and we are working closely with him and been in touch with his office. >> as you know he has made it clear the corporate tax hike that you see in the current proposal, the 28% doesn't satisfy him and he wants to see it lower, so is the white house will be to do that and would they be able to negotiate, not what they seem to be social programs outside the scope of traditional infrastructure, so how much is the white house will be to negotiate on the other issues? >> we will have the conversations. here's the thing, when you have the infrastructure, here's the vision of the infrastructure, and how do we make lives better? when you think about broadband and how the pandemic has affected young people in school and do not have access to
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broadband, we have to fix that. when you think about potential lead that could be in a child's school and you don't know if there's lead in their water, that's something we have to address, and this is modernizing the system and modern day infrastructure and these are key and important things, and if you think about it, pamela, there's a poll that came out last week, 73% of americans approve of the american jobs plan, and 57% in that same poll were republicans, so when you have republicans and democrats and independents across the country that is supporting a plan, that tells you what you need to know that this infrastructure plan is important to the american people, and it's popular, and we should move forward and leave the partisanship aside and move forward and do the work that we are here to do. >> we should note, while it does show popularity in the polls, our harry inton with cnn shows
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the polls back in january of the issues, infrastructure was far down the toteam pole. before we let you go, i want to ask about immigration. march was the highest encounter of migrants at the borders in a decade, and a record high number of unaccompanied children, and what is the behind the decision for the secretary to be leaving in the midst of the historic border crossings. >> there's powerful push factors in the region that existed for sometime as we know, the violence that folks in the region are dealing with and the economic crisis that folks in the region are dealing with and we have seen these surges, if
3:14 pm
you will, before. i think what's compounded, what has added to the -- what has added to this moment is you have the pandemic and the two most recent hurricanes that have really done damage to that region, so look, we are being very clear and we have said please do not take this journey, it's too dangerous and treacherous, and we are also putting in place programs where people could stay home and move forward and apply in a legal way to have -- to have -- to have citizenship or start doing the process of immigration and to come to the united states. that's what we are doing. this is a program that was gutted by the last administration and we are trying to fix a lot of things that have been broken. that's -- that's where we are now and so when it comes to unaccompanied minors, we have to do what is right and what is the most humane thing to do. we cannot have these children go
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back to that treacherous journey, so yes, we are putting them in the process and we are making sure that we are vetting the relatives and the people that we want to connect them with in a really important way, in a critical way. we are still expelling adults via title 42, and families via title 42, and that's something still happening and occurring and this is where we are and we want to make sure we are doing this in a legal way. we want to make sure that we're putting security first and we're doing this in a humanitarian manner. >> why would the border coordinator be leaving in the midst of all this? is that behind that, and is that going to be folded into kamala harris' portfolio? >> roberta was always going to be here for a short period of time. that was always the conversation
3:16 pm
that was had and when this comes to the vice president and her role, her role is going to be doing the diplomatic effort of this trying to figure out the root causes of what is happening, and that's dealing with and talking to the president of mexico and the northern triangle, and that's what her role is and it's something similar to what biden had during the obama-biden administration, so that's nothing new there, and that's the pathway we are taking about that >> thank you very much for coming on the show. we appreciate it. we appreciate your time on this sunday night. >> thank you. awesome. thank you, pamela. coming up, we're going to live to michigan for a firsthand look at the surge of coronavirus cases there. realize new possibilities. only one 5g partner offers unmatched network, support, and value-without any trade offs.
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nearly five times faster than the global average, but the reality is we are still a long way away from herd immunity, and vaccine hesitancy is standing in the way of that and the state of michigan is a hot spot because there's an alarming surge in new cases. pablo sandoval has more. >> reporter: if there was a time to double down on the pandemic in michigan, it's now. >> with pandemic fatigue and the unique challenge in michigan of a very sort of anti-coronavirus movement with about half of our population, people don't want to wear masks or distance, i think getting vaccine shots in arms is our ultimate defense. >> with calls to the biden
3:22 pm
administration to increase their vaccine allotments have gone unanswered so far. >> we are asking for more help and more vaccines. >> helping to help curve the outbreaks, the governor has asked high school sports to pause and eating out for two weeks. >> these are not like the mandating sweeping shutdowns. >> it's on all of us to recognize if we can squash where we are seeing hot spots, it's in everybody's best interest. >> a special education teacher wants to see a more aggressive move from state leaders, perhaps make those requests requirements? >> i think it fell short she did not mandate it and the reason our numbers spiked, we opened up and schools are back and there
3:23 pm
has been an untick in sports here. >> governor whitmer is a rock star. she's doing her best. it's a pandemic. when it comes down to it people are going to take care of themselves and each other or not. >> jordan ross is frustrated his peers are choosing not to? >> i am seeing a lot of students, and they know the issues going on, and they are going to florida and things like that and that's concerning to me. >> the state's chief medical executive says nearly 1,000 covid outbreaks are being traced to michigan. >> our public health system is overwhelmed. we are not able to get information on many cases nor are we able to identify their close contacts. >> there's the spread of the highly infectious covid-19 variant, some 2,200 cases identified in michigan, though experts say there are likely
3:24 pm
more. you heard that doctor here in michigan, the michiganens are split when it comes to social distancing guidelines and that wearing mask, and when you hear from michigan state officials they are saying that's still the most important thing that people can continue to do as they continue to plead with not only the public but with the biden administration, to just send more vaccines and there's at least some help on the way in the form of 160 fema personnel that will assist in administering vaccines, and michigan state officials say it's extremely helpful but what they really want is a boost in their vaccine allotments. >> they sure do, but it sounds like that boost is not going to happen as of now according to the deputy press secretary. here is the former assistant
3:25 pm
health commissioner of new york city and served on the biden admini administration advisory board. why should all americans pay attention to what is happening in michigan right now? >> michigan is really the bellwether for what it looks like when the b.1.1.7 variant, this is the more infectious variant that emerged first out of the uk, this is what it looks like when it spreads in the united states. so it's causing a surge in cases and it is causing a more severe disease, which means even younger people, people in their 30s, 40s and 50s are getting very sick and being hospitalized from this. >> the bottom line is even if you are not living in michigan the concern is that what is happening in michigan could make it into your state. why are we seeing this wild surge in michigan and why right now? >> unfortunately, it's one of the states that has been hit
3:26 pm
hard by the b.1.1.7 variant, and that's the dominant variant in the united states right now, and michigan had the unluckiness to be the first to see this. it's a combination of that variant and people relaxing on mitigation measures before enough people have been vaccinated. they have been traveling and not wearing a mask or social distancing and have been indoor dining and all of the factors together have driven this surge. >> how concerned are you in the surge that it will continue to mutate, the virus will mutate into another and create another more dangerous variant than what we are seeing with the uk variant? >> this has been our concern all along, when you arrive the virus to spread it will mutate and you will have more variants emerge. i want to address some of the points made by the deputy white house press secretary as well as by the cardiologists, dr. jonathan reiner in the last hour. i think there's a real important part of this being missed, which
3:27 pm
is the reason it's too late to send more vaccine supplies to michigan -- and by the way, they have enough supply, that's not the problem, and the reason sending more vaccine won't help here is it takes about 14 days after you have received two doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccine before you are immune, and it takes 14 to 28 days after the johnson & johnson vaccine before you are immune. the incubation period, which is the time from when you are exposed to when you are infected with coronavirus is four to five days, so there's no way that a surge in vaccination is going to help curb this when the transmission is happening right now. the hard truth, and i understand the bind governor whitmer is in, and the hard truth is the only thing that will curb transmission right now are measures taking effect immediately, which is the masks,
3:28 pm
and not indoor dining and socializing outdoors, and she has received death threats for that kind of advice, but that's the only thing that will work right now. >> interesting. doctor, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. we appreciate it. absence does not certainly make the heart grow finding but it did make the tongue grow sharper. trump calling mitch mcconnell a sob at a gop event last night. more on that ahead. (vo) conventional thinking doesn't disrupt the status quo.
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blasting his own party.
3:33 pm
the former president went on a long tied rade in front of a lof donors last night. he called mitch mcconnell a stone-cold loser and a dumb sob, while insisting that the election was stolen from him, which is an out right lie. this seems to be the price of admission for keeping trump around as a fixture in the party. are republicans comfortable with that tradeoff? >> well, if they are not comfortable with it they are not speaking out about it, we are hearing little from them. trump really went on a trump last night. take a look at what he said. he said republicans don't fight as hard as democrats, and he said this about mitch mcconnell. our caolleague who spoke to a
3:34 pm
source in the room said that comment was met with applause. he said pence failed him for refusing to overturn the electoral college. he also said that everybody should be calling the coronavirus vaccine the trumpccine. when he took the vaccine, he was not public about it, we learned about it months after he left office. >> we're now in april and he's repeating the talking points he was saying back in november, december, january about the election and the big lie that it was somehow stolen from him. that is not going away. is that a concern for republicans after pushing that narrative that helped lose them the senate in georgia, right, and arguably led to the deadly insurrection on january 6th as many critics have said?
3:35 pm
>> absolutely. i mean, i remember being in georgia in the weeks leading up to the senate runoffs and trump supporters telling me they were not sure if they were going to vote in the senate runoffs because they bought into the big lie, they did not believe elections in georgia were fair. this all gets to the big challenge for the republican party. it's this big lie, this sort of core conspiracy theory that the election was stolen and it's that that enabled everything else, the qanon nonsense that was used for the january 6th insurrection. >> thank you for breaking it down for us from florida. thank you. a vaccine passport or vaccine diploma? when we come back, i'll speak to the president and chancellor of syracuse university. you are live in the cnn "newsroom."
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more changes to report tonight regarding getting students back in classrooms. new york has adjust the its covid guidelines for physical distancing in schools reducing it from six feet to three. on the university level a growing number of colleges are requiring students be fully vaccinated before they return to in-person classes. in late march rutgers became the first to require full vaccinations. syracuse university is on that list, and the president and chancellor of syracuse, kent sivarude joins me now. why did syracuse require students to be vaccinated coming out of the gate? >> it's the safest thing to do for our whole campus community, and high school seniors coming back in the fall, i think what
3:42 pm
they most want is the full campus experience with competitions and sports and being together with their friends safely and vaccinations is one of the safest ways to make sure we will deliver that at syracuse. >> how do you go about enforcing this, to make sure every student is vaccinated? >> the vast majority of the staff and faculty has been vaccinated, and we are vaccinating another 800 students in the next 48 hours. we have a lot of experience of vaccinating our students for mumps and measles and that has been the case for many years, and we are going to use those methods, just for covid-19. >> what about those students that don't want the vaccine
3:43 pm
because it's so new and the other vaccinations you just mentioned, they have been around for a long time, and what does syracuse have to say about those that don't want to be vaccinated? >> we will grant religious and medical exemptions for the other types of vaccines that we require, and i tell the students that the emergency use authorization of the fda is rigorous and evidence-based and given how deadly the vacis can it's done for the safety of the entire community of syracuse. >> you have received much pushback at syracuse that you are requiring all students to be vaccinated? >> our students, parents, faculty and staff are overwhelmingly supportive of this decision, particularly once they understand that there are
3:44 pm
religious and medical exemptions granted. >> are you worried about any legal repercussions or legal challenges that could come out of this? >> of course there has been legal ramifications for covid since it all started almost 18 months ago, but all the way along we have been trying to make the right decision here based on the best public health advice, and that served us well so far, and it enabled us to keep open for all personal instruction all of fall and this semester and i think we have to make the right decisions and manage the legal ramifications later on. >> okay, thank you for coming on and walking us through your decision-making process with all of this. we appreciate it. >> thanks so much, and good luck. >> thank you. well, the pandemic has many californians rethinking whether the west coast really is the best coast. coming up the surge of new texans looking for life without
3:45 pm
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california and texas, two very different states when it comes to how to deal with the coronavirus. and when it comes to population growth as well. texas saw a boom during the pandemic, but it is a different
3:50 pm
story in california. cnn's elie reeve explains. >> texans think that the californians moving here is going to turn texas blue. if i can tell anybody one thing, there is a red wave coming here. >> reporter: so many people are moving to texas, the real estate market can barely keep up. somewhat cheaper houses and some say they want a safe space for their politics. after real estate agent marie bailey made the move herself in 2016, she created a private facebook group called move to texas from california. with the pandemic she's seen a surge in new members, now more than 33,000. >> politics are a big discussion in our group because you just cannot talk about moving without politics. >> reporter: so, all these things being built, even i guess this plot of land, these are already bought? >> yes. >> reporter: do houses sell in a day? >> yes. houses are selling in hours. i have a lot of people in my
3:51 pm
group that would consider themselves as a political refugee. california has taken it very far in a lockdown, and the pandemic opened up people to wanting to move for several reasons. these people are suffering. and their children are suffering. and they come here on their scouting trips, and i literally have people that break down and cry. and they're, like, your parks are open, there's children outside. >> reporter: joshua joined bailey's group. he says he moved to texas in july, and his wife and kids followed. >> i was getting depressed out there. everything was shut down in california. i was on looking for jobs. i took the first job they offered. two weeks later we were rolling out here. >> and what was appealing about texas? >> more freedoms, less government in our pocket. i never voted democrat, i always voted republican. and this is why i'm coming now. i want some land, i want to be
3:52 pm
left alone. and, honestly, i want to start my gun collection. >> reporter: texas grew by nearly 374,000 residents in 2020. but the pandemic has only fueled the exodus from california where the population was growing at its slowest rate in more than a hundred years as of december. right now texas has a lower unemployment rate, while california has a slightly lower death rate from covid-19. still, this is part of a trend in which republicans and democrats live in places where they encounter few people of the opposite party. >> i saw my owner losing her business. i saw like no one cutting people breaks. at the end of the day it's like people need to put food on their table right now. >> reporter: after covid restrictions closed the salon where courtney worked as a hairstylist, she and her husband quit l.a. they could afford a much bigger house in texas, and they were sick of businesses being shut down. >> we never were afraid of, like, covid. we actually got covid two months ago. my heart goes out to all the people that have, like, lost
3:53 pm
lives and that, you know, didn't beat it. >> reporter: just to play devil's advocate. so you did get covid once you moved to texas, which is a place with less covid restrictions? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you think about that? >> back in california, like, we were still being very lax about covid. but i never got it. and coming here i was still the same way. so i really don't believe that it was anything to do with texas. it was just kind of like it was my time to get it, i don't know. >> reporter: are you going to get the vaccine? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> no, absolutely not. me and my husband are like hippies at heart. we're very cautious to what we're putting into our body. just seeing how strong my body was to fight off covid was so empowering. i'm not afraid to get it again. like, i'm just not afraid. >> reporter: being young and healthy puts you at less risk for serious complications. but covid-19 can have long-term health effects. clinical trials show vaccines are safe and effective, and
3:54 pm
recent polling also shows that vaccine resistance is declining as more americans are safely vaccinated. the political culture doesn't matter to everyone. sometimes it's just the policy. in october caroline moved so her daughters to go to school in person and play league soccer. >> my kids love sports and they didn't know what to do when they couldn't. online learning, they did it, but sitting in front of a computer for that many hours a day just wasn't healthy for their bodies or mentally. >> for me i'm a very in-person learner. and i'm very, like, i need to be there and ask questions and have people around me to help. so i think that switch was really difficult for me. >> i personally feel like it's a year of lost learning for kids that have had to stay on zoom. it's interesting, california and texas have two very different views on how to handle this challenge. >> reporter: she says they will stay until at least 2026 when her youngest daughter graduates high school. >> the people coming here, it's not stopping. >> even though schools are starting to open up in other
3:55 pm
places, people are still going forward with the move? >> right now they are. could that impact people staying in absolutely. but there's a lot of people who are politically on the fence. they were like they're not here for our best interests. whatever trust they had is completely gone. >> reporter: elie reeve, cnn, north texas. a u.s. army officer is suing two virginia police officers for excessive force after he was pulled over, pepper sprayed, pushed to the ground, and handcuffed. video of the december traffic stop is going viral. that story is up next. - i had something i wanted to share with you all today. i've just heard someone say: "i hope history doesn't repeat itself again." but what if the history was shriner's hospitals for children's history? now that would be amazing. you may not know this, but shriner's hospitals has done some incredible things for so many kids. kids just like me.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm pamela brown in washington on this sunday. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." great to have you along with us tonight. and we start with a u.s. army officer suing two virginia police officers after a traffic stop gone wrong. the officers allegedly pointed their guns at him, repeatedly peppersprayed him, and pushed him because of what they thought was a missing license plate on his new suv. and it was all caught on camera. the december incident has prompted virgini


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